New Selo's writing on the hill made me think of the Hollywood icon in the United States. Made in large, white letters with a large size makes anyone who headed to the tourist location is easy to find it. Rows of traditional food stalls were visible along the path that passes by the visitors climbing Mount Merapi. The time required is about 2 - 3 hours to climb by walking from the post 1 new selo up to the top, and at around 4 am you are already on the biggest mountain in Java island, feel the incredible sensation and show the world that you can reach the top, although a difficult track with rocky and sandy roads make your energy drained on the way. The satisfaction you get at the peak of Merapi exceeds all the time and energy, which you have to spend, amazing!!! Great God with all His creatures on earth, pray with your clean heart to God in this place (the top of Mount Merapi) hopefully what you want you can get it, amen.

What you need to prepare for this trip:

  • Bring enough mineral water.
  • Camera photo
  • Good mountain shoes
  • Snack with high calories
  • A good guide

Pick up:   10.00 PM at the Hotel
Duration: 12 hours
Includes : Breakfast & coffee/tea
                Entrance fee
                Profesional Guide


11-12 US$
9-10 US$
7-8 US$
5-6 US$
3-4 US$
2 US$